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Walking on Sunshine!!

Shoes are definitely a weakness of mine. You can never have too many and you can always find room in your closet for more! However, let's be honest. How many of you have purchased a pair of shoes just to find out they were terribly uncomfortable? I'm sure they were super cute, but there is nothing worse than uncomfortable shoes. Especially for your little ones who are just about to take their first steps and have lived most of their life barefoot and free.

When I first learned about Pediped I was immediately hooked. Hudson was just about to start walking and I knew it was time to buy his first pair of shoes. I wanted something comfortable, stylish, and soft. My mom being the researcher that she is hit the web to find the absolute best shoes for infants. She stumbled upon Pediped and we decided to visit the local store in Las Vegas to see what all the fuss was about.

What we discovered

Pediped shoes are made to keep up with your kiddos and support all of their adventures. From their first steps in life to their very first day of school! Pediped provides reliable footwear made with premium grade, non-toxic materials. My mom loves anything and everything non-toxic so this was a huge selling point for her. My biggest concern was comfort. Hudson had the chunkiest feet...I mean chunkie! So I wanted to make sure the shoes we picked wouldn't be too tight around his ankles or rub against his skin while walking. I decided on a pair of the Originals White with Royal Blue. These shoes were incredibly soft! Made with the highest quality leather and recommended by podiatrists, these were definitely worthy of being his first pair of shoes! To my surprise he was so excited to wear them! And just like that he was out the door, in his first pair of shoes, while I silently cried "Where did my baby gooooo!"

Recently I took Hudson and Hayes to checkout the Pediped store located in Town Square here in Las Vegas. The store is decorated ridiculously cute and that unicorn in the window just steals the show! Hudson enjoyed looking around and making his very own unicorn crown! And Hayes...well he loved trying to take all the boxes off of the shelf!

If you are a Vegas local I highly recommend checking out the Town Square location! The store can be found right across from the main courtyard and playground area. The staff is amazing and I guarantee you will find some adorable shoes for your littles!

Below you will find some of our absolute favorite styles for boys and my personal favorites for girls!

If you haven't already heard of Pediped I strongly suggest checking out their website! You will find an assortment of stylish shoes for babies as young as 0 months to kids in grade school.

Use the code OVERTHEMOONMOM for 25% off your purchase at


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