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The Crème de la Crème of Baby Gear

Why I LOVE UPPAbaby!

When I first learned I was pregnant I was filled with a rush of emotions. One of my biggest concerns was safety! I wanted to make sure that my babes was going to be as safe as possible whether it was taking a drive to the grocery store or a stroll through the park. With the help of my mom we hit the internet to do some research on the best baby gear that was not only safe, but daddy friendly. We wanted a stroller system that was reliable, travel friendly, easy to clean, and of course stylish. The UPPAbaby line is all of the above!

THE MESA-See How Simple

The MESA car seat is an absolute dream! It was rated as one of the top five car seats according to Consumer Reports. It was also given a 5 STAR rating by NHTSA. This car seat is incredibly easy to install and has a visual indicator showing red or green which confirms if the base has been installed correctly. Once the base is installed the car seat clicks right in! Unloading the car seat is just as easy. With a lift of the back handle and a push of a button your kiddo is ready to explore! The MESA has an adjustable headrest with side impact protection, performance fabric, and has a no-rethread five point harness. This car seat will make any parent feel at ease when on the go! Not to mention it comes in 5 fashionable colors!

G-LUXE-Tilt Back Move Forward

This stroller is perfect for on the go travel with limited space. We took this stroller to three different European countries and it still looked as good as new! So many bumpy and unpaved roads and these wheels kept strong! Hudson was able to nap wherever we went with the reclinable seat and adjustable footrest. I was honestly jealous of how well he slept traveling from country to country in his G-LUXE stroller. However, the British airline we flew home somehow lost our stroller which caused me to almost be in tears! Thankfully it was replaced a few months later!


I have personally owned both the CRUZ and VISTA stroller and they are literally tanks. Strong, reliable, and incredibly safe! Before I realized I was having two kids I purchased the 2015 CRUZ in Georgie Blue. It was by far the best investment I have ever made when it comes to baby gear. Hudson was able to stretch and enjoy morning strolls with the bassinet attachment and as he grew older the Toddler Seat was perfect for all of our exploring! Not to mention how amazing the easy access basket is underneath! I have gone on so many Target runs and filled that thing to the brim without anything falling out. AMAZING!!! When I learned I was having a second child I purchased a 2017 VISTA stroller, but also purchased the 2015 VISTA Georgie Toddler Seat. I just love love that bright blue color, plus whenever you go to Disneyland you can easily spot the stroller from light years away! We also purchased the PiggyBack board which Hudson loves. He is able to ride along and entertain his little brother Hayes from the grocery store to the orchard. The PiggyBack board is great for your toddlers who get tired of sitting and want to stretch their legs! With just a step on the break and two hands on the handle bars the stroller collapses just like that...with the PiggyBack board and all!

Listen, if your husband is allowed to splurge on a motorcycle or a new sports car then you are totally allowed to have the best stroller! Plus as soon as he gets behind the wheel of this 4 wheel shock absorbing front and rear suspension system, he will be just as impressed!

If you would like an inventory of everything I own from UPPAbaby....well here it is:

CRUZ Stroller

VISTA Stroller


2 Bassinet Stands

PiggyBack Board

3 Bassinets

3 MESA Bases

2 MESA Car seats

3 Cup Holders

Snack Tray

Stroller Travel Bags

VISTA Upper & Lower Adapters

Parent Organizer

Rain Shields

Infant SnugSeat

I think the only thing we are missing is the RumbleSeat!

Can you tell I am literally obsessed? Why so many doubles...and triples? My mom is my nanny and watches my kiddos while I am at work. Having multiples has definitely saved me the headache of having to bring everything from one house to the next. Plus the products are so reliable that we will definitely save them for the next grandchild! UPPAbaby also has an amazing warranty and their staff is super friendly when it comes to needing something replaced!

Be sure to check out their new products that will be launching in 2019!!! Click the image below to explore their site!

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