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Teething Baby...choose Anjie+Ash

Hayes is 9..almost 10 months old and he is teething hard. He has zero teeth but this kid is feeling all the teething feels. He loves grabbing and chewing on absolutely everything! It has made me one stressed mama! Finding teethers that keep him distracted has been a bit of a challenge. He seems to want everything to chew on... everything except what is made to

chew on. Imagine that? When I stumbled upon Anjie+Ash teethers I was immediately in love. Their designs are stylish and the silicone beaded necklaces are super soothing on the gums. Plus, it gives Hayes the illusion that the necklace is not really for him since I am wearing it, which makes it that much more appealing for him.

Why Anjie+Ash?

1. The magnetic clasp is unique compared to any other breakaway safety clasp. For starters with just one strong tug the necklace will actually breakaway keeping mom and baby safe. No need to worry about your necklace

getting caught or tangled! The magnets are strong enough to keep your necklace secure and release when the pulling could cause discomfort for mom.

2. All the teething jewelry is stylish! You honestly would never know that the necklaces and bracelets are actually for teething! The designs are simple, modern, and can easily go with any outfit. They are designed to fit mom's style even after she no longer has teething children.

3. Great Quality & Easy to Clean! The non-toxic silicone that is used in all Anjie+Ash jewelry is high quality food grade and does not harbor bacteria. It can be easily cleaned using soap and water. The beech wood used is untreated, non-toxic, and smooth. The type 304 stainless steel is also non-toxic and is the same quality you would find in any kitchen. You are able to sterilize all jewelry in bowling water for a few minutes.

If you are looking for a great mother's day gift or baby shower gift for a friend/family member I strongly suggest Anjie+Ash. You will be so impressed by the quality, plus the packaging is super cute too!

Check out My favorite styles below! Use the code OTMM20 for 20% off your purchase!

Click here to visit Anjie+Ash


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