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Summer Picnic Ideas With Kids

This post is sponsored by Jersey Mike's, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Summer is here!! The temperatures have risen, the sun is shinning, and school is out!! Hudson, Hayes, and I have been enjoying every bit of our summer vacation. We are taking advantage of the sunshine by spending most of our days outside by the pool or hanging out by the lake.

This week we decided to start our week off right with a picnic! We love to picnic outside at the community lake in our neighborhood and when it is too hot we create our own little picnic inside! As soon as we finished up soccer practice we headed to our neighborhood Jersey Mike's.

Jersey Mike’s is our favorite place to go for freshly sliced subs for a hot summer day! Our favorite subs to order include The Original Italian & Turkey and Provolone! We love to top each sub with jalapeños and pepperoncinis. Spicy subs are our favorite.

After grabbing our subs we headed to the lake in our neighborhood. Whenever we picnic we like to travel as light as possible! We brought along our beach throw, hats, sunscreen, a picnic tray, and our favorite Jersey Mike’s subs! We enjoyed our picnic watching the ducks float past and even saw two turtles! Sitting on the dock was the absolute perfect view of the lake while enjoying our lunch!

After about an hour we were ready to head back home! We packed up the rest of our sandwiches to save for later and headed out. Shortly after returning home Hudson was ready to eat again! Luckily a regular sub from Jersey Mike’s is large enough to feed a four year old twice! Hudson enjoyed the rest of his sandwich with the a/c on full blast to beat the heat! Who says you can’t have a picnic inside?! When the temperatures are too hot bring the fun inside and throw your kiddos a little picnic in the comfort of your own home! Grab a picnic blanket or tray, wear sunglasses inside, and put on a hat for fun!


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