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Summer Camp In at the Great Wolf Lodge Anaheim - Summer Vacation at Indoor Waterpark

Imagine a place that has everything you and your family could possible need. Literally no reason to leave and endless amounts of fun to be had. Lazy river, water slides, delicious food, Magiquests, Build a Bear, and so much more!!! Let me tell you a little bit about our new favorite vacay spot...The Great Wolf Lodge.

If you want to hear all about our experience than continue reading below, if you want the quick read scroll down to the bottom to check out My Top Five reasons why The Great Wolf Lodge makes the best family vacation experience. Choose wisely....if I were you I would just read the whole thing.

We started off our summer with an incredible trip to this amazing indoor water park called The Great Wolf Lodge! Let's just say my expectations were completely blown away.

I had never really heard much about the resort until a few months before our stay. I thought the idea seemed pretty indoor waterpark, but I didn't know much more than that. We were so excited to by invited to check out the lodge first hand.

We packed our bags, more so threw all of our essentials in one giant bag, and we were off! We arrived on Memorial Day around 12pm. To our surprise our room was ready for check in and we were super excited to check it out. We stayed in one of the Themed Cabin Suites which is an absolute must if you are traveling with little ones. The suite has two bunk beds that are in a little cabin decorated with all of your favorite Great Wolf Lodge characters, a queen bed, and sofa with a pull out bed. As soon as Hudson opened the door his jaw dropped and he was in heaven. He immediately toured the room and climbed up to the top bunk to claim his territory!

Once we unloaded the car and put on our swim suits we hit the water park! The water was the perfect temperature and this mama was at ease knowing there was no need for sunscreen! Hudson and Hayes enjoyed playing in the toddler area and splashing up a storm. The wave pool was an absolute blast and the water slides were phenomenal. Geordan and I even had a chance to sneak away from the kids (we left them with my parents) to go on the big kid water slides! The Drop Slide had my heart beating a hundred miles an hour anxiously awaiting for the floor to drop and my body to go zooming down the tube. It was the most terrifying 10 seconds of my life, but was surprisingly not bad at all afterwards.

After hitting the waterpark we went back to the hotel room to get ready for dinner. The best thing about The Great Wolf Lodge is that they literally have everything you could ever need. There is no reason to leave the hotel at all! We decided on The Lodge Wood Fire Grill. The menu was AMAZING and the food was out of this world. Our entire family agreed that this restaurant served the best steak any of us have ever had! It was incredible and served so beautifully! Let's just say the food was so good that we all left in a permanent food coma!

We were all completely full and ready to hit the hay, but Hudson was way to energetic to go to bed! So we decided to wander around the hotel with our Paw Passes and have a

little fun! Hudson and Hayes both visited Build a Bear where they made their own animals, picked up their wands from the Magiquest gift shop, played numerous games at the arcade, made their own cup of gourmet candy, picked out glitter tattoos, and indulged in some delicious ice cream!

Before finally cuddling up in our cabin themed suite we stopped to take part in the lobby dance party and bed time story! Then it was off to the third floor to catch some zzzzz's and prepare for the next day full of fun filled water park adventure!



Need I say more? No need for sunscreen or worrying about getting a terrible tan! The water is warm, the life guards are reliable, and the water slides are incredible! They also provide free life jackets for all guests!


The restaurants are amazing!!! The food is delicious and the staff is incredibly kind! The Lodge Woof Fired Grill is by far our sure to get yourself a steak! You will not regret it!


The Paw Passes are an amazing way to treat your kiddos without having to worry about them carrying around any money to make a purchase. You can buy the paw passes at the front desk when you check in or online when you book your stay. There are three Paw Passes to choose from: The Pup pass (great for toddlers), the Paw Pass (great for ages 6 and up, and the Wolf Pass (which is the ultimate best value)! Each pass comes with a list of activities available for the child to participate in. From Build a Bear, to Magiquests, to cups of candy, glitter tattoos, bracelet making, ice cream eating, and so much more!


If you are visiting with little ones you have to splurge on the themed hotel rooms. We stayed in the Wolf Den Suite which has two kids themed bunk beds in a little cabin, a queen bed, a couch with a pull out bed, as well as a fridge and microwave. You can even use your Magiquest wand to reveal some magical sound effects!


There are so many activities going on daily for the entire family! This summer The Great Wolf Lodge is promoting their Summer Camp in which includes an assortment of activities that your family will love! From morning yoga sessions, to dance parties, story time, duck races, bingo, trivia, crafts, and so much more! Your kiddos can even take part in the Trailblazer Challenge where they complete activities to earn badges (stickers) for their Trailblazer cards!

The Great Wolf Lodge is an incredible vacation spot that will provide your family with life long memories! If you haven't been it is time to book your next vacation! Click here to check out their summer deals and rates!


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