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Shiplap Laundry Room Makeover on a Budget

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

We moved into our house a little over a year ago and we have been on a mission to make it our own ever since. Our house is a constant construction zone. Dust everywhere, paint on the floor, tools galore. We are always moving from one project to the next...usually like three projects at once, despite my requests to finish one thing before embarking on another.

Let me start out by saying I am obsessed with shiplap (like ever other basic mom out there) I would literally have our entire house decked in shiplap if Geordan let me...but not a chance. He was kind enough to allow me two places in the house, so I picked the laundry room and our dinning room (which probably wont break ground until this summer).

Our laundry room was nothing special. Tiny, generic, basic wire shelving, super standard! With Geordan being the handy one and me being the decorator, we joined forces to make a Pinterest worthy laundry space and here is how:

Initially we were planning on using pine or cedar boards for shiplap, but it was a bit pricy. We decided to purchase 6 sheets of plywood at Home Depot rather than splurge on real shiplap. We cut the plywood into 6 in wide strips at about 6 feet long. Once glued/nailed to the walls using a nickle for spacing, Geordan ripped the floors out to install a grey denim like textured tile flooring we found at Floor & Decor. We scored this for about $2 a square foot, winning! After installing the floor we primed and painted the wood using Sherwin Williams Emerald in Alabaster White Satin. This paint is QUALITY! We actually lucked out and were upgraded to this paint for free since the one we had our eye on was out of stock. Another win!

For the shelves, Geordan brought home some rustic scaffolding boards. After he sanded them both all down to 180 grit, he put on several coats of Danish Oil. The boards did not turn out the way we had intended (super blotchy). In an attempt to save the wood he added a coat of stain, followed by a few coats of oil based poly. The boards turned out surprisingly awesome. As far as the hardware goes, I was able to find some pretty cheap black iron piping and fittings for a little over $40 on ebay.

Once we finished the floors, painting, and shelving we moved the washer and dryer back in. We hung the shelving after the appliances were installed just to make sure that everything aligned evenly. The last, and my most favorite part was decorating! I am obsessed with HomeGoods and Michaels. So, I stopped at both stores to pick up some quick decor. The Laundry Sign I found at Michael's for around $20, the hanging bush for about $8 each, and the metal bins for about $18. I picked up the metal plant fixture from HomeGoods for $30 and the white potted plant for $15.

Estimated cost of remodel: $450

Decor: $109

- Plywood $200

- Paint $100

- Base Boards/Casing $30

- Tile $70

- Shelves - Free (You can get a 2x12 Douglas Fir board at home depot for less than $10)

- Fittings $40

-We had all of the stains and poly already but the cost for those would be around $30-$40 if you don not have them handy

One more project down and only like ten more to go!

To shop our laundry room click the links below:

Wash/Dry Sign

Metal Bins

Hanging Bush


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