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Potty Training with of Pull-Ups® New Leaf Training Pants

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

This post has been sponsored by Pull-Ups® . All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Well it is official, we are in full potty training mode in our home!

Let me first start by sharing how hectic our life has been lately. With online learning at home with our kindergartner, Hudson, and with me working from home as a third grade teacher you can only imagine how busy we have been. Thankfully Pull-Ups® New Leaf Training Pants from Walmart are helping us to continue our potty training journey with Hayes as we venture into a new household routine. It is super important to us that we don't just give up on potty training during this busy part of our lives. We want to continue to support Hayes' transition and help him become fully potty trained!

Pull-Ups® New Leaf Training Pants are incredibly soft and feel more comfortable especially on those kiddos who like to move move move! These natural plant-based* training pants (*28% by weight) are a great way to help transition your child from diapers to underwear while providing a piece of mind for any accidents that may happen along the way. They also

have every child's favorite character, Disney's Frozen 2 Olaf to make potty training a little more fun! You can pick up “Pull-Ups New Leaf Training Pants up from your local Walmart or you can purchase online for delivery or in-store pick up! I found them easily in the diaper/wipes aisle of my local Walmart.

We have been incorporating a magnetic rewards chart to our potty training! We have hung the chart on the bathroom door and give Hayes a magnet every time he makes it to the potty! An amazing feature about the Pull-Ups New Leaf training pants, is that the snowflake on pant fades when wet. Hayes gets so excited when he realizes that his New Leaf Training Pant is still dry and he gets to put a magnet on his chart! The reward chart is a great visual tool to help your kiddos see that they are making progress to achieve their overall goal of becoming fully potty trained! Moms, have patience and take deep breaths. Potty training can be difficult, but YOU CAN DO IT!! YOU GOT THIS!

Hypoallergenic and made with plant-based* non harsh ingredients. Visit your local Walmart today or shop online to pick up Pull-Ups® New Leaf Training Pants for your child!


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