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Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Located in Tivoli Village • Las Vegas • Open from October 5th-31st

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My family and I were lucky enough to be chosen to preview Operation Halloween in Tivoli Village here in Las Vegas. WE WERE MIND BLOWN! The decorations, the staff, and the activities exceeded any expectations we had. Hudson went fully dressed in his Ghostbusters costume (of course) with his best friend Amelia dressed at Tinker Bell. As soon as the kids arrived they stepped their anxious feet out of the elevator and were greeted by cheerful staff members who were also dressed up. Immediately the staff began to create a halloween like atmosphere while building more anticipation for those well decorated double doors to open! After Hudson blasted the doors with his Ghostbusters pack they finally opened leading to a world of imagination and 5 meticulously themed rooms. Each room had a unique hands on activity for children to participate in. Hudson and Amelia left smiling ear to ear and I left with loads of super cute photos!

Absolutely worth checking out this holiday season! Perfect for all ages!


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