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Love is in the air!

I love celebrating Valentine's Day because it is a perfect little reminder to appreciate your loved ones. I am not big on fancy dinners, expensive jewelry, or boxes of chocolate. However, I absolutely love crafting and making cards! Apparently I have also passed that trait on to Hudson. He loves sneaking into our craft room and making his very own personalized cards too. Like mama like son! This Valentine's Day, we decided to create our very own photo craft to make our memories last.

I was so excited to receive the Polaroid Mint Instant Digital Pocket Printer from Polaroid! The teacher and mom in me just couldn't wait to start crafting some creative ideas with a few mini photos. As a mom, I love taking photos of my kiddos to hang up in their rooms or to mail to family members. As a teacher, I am always taking photos of my students to create Christmas ornaments, Mother's and Father's Day cards, and even just to decorate our bulletin boards. The possibilities are just endless!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Hudson and I decided we would make some festive crafts to celebrate the holiday! We chose to start with making my mom (Hudson’s Nana) a Valentine’s Day photo wreath to show her how much we appreciate her. We purchased this felt wreath at a nearby store and downloaded the Polaroid Mint app.

You can click on any of the options below the printer image to customize your photo. Once you've picked your designs press the printer and hello photo!!

The app makes printing so easy, literally just a touch of a button and your picture comes to life! Even better, the app allows you to add a filter, text, stickers, doodles, and even borders to a photo. The app is so simple, even my three year old was able to create his own designs for each photo and print them. Once you have added your photo and selected your design, you press the printer image (Hudson's favorite part), and in less than a minute your photo is ready to go!

To make a DIY photo wreath:

Purchase a felt wreath. Pick out some cute photos, customize them, and send them to print using the app. Once the photos have printed, test the best placement for each photo. The photos double as stickers, so peel off the white back and stick directly onto the wreath! Feel free to add stickers or glitter to your wreath as well. Share with a loved one or hang up for all to see!

View the pictures below to see how our craft turned out!

We had so much fun creating this Valentine's Day craft and I already can't wait to create the next. So ready to start brainstorming for St. Patrick's Day!

Click here to checkout the Polaroid Mint Instant Digital Pocket Printer! It comes in five vibrant colors, is compatible with ZINK Zero Ink Paper 2x3, and the app is available for iOS and Android!


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