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Let's Talk Health!

As both a mom and a teacher I understand the importance of child development. Parents, educators, and health professionals all play a critical role in helping our children learn and grow. We all know how important the early years of life are for a child. From the minute they meet the world for the first time, or even the first time they roll over, those first steps, first words, and even the first smile. All of these milestones are fundamental for child development.

So how can you support your child’s healthy development?

Show you child love and affection!

Read books with your child!

Create a foundation of trust!

Create daily routines!

Celebrate your child’s successes!

Give your child positive feedback!

Play, Play, and Play!

and lastly support their Gut, Brain, and Eye Health!

Smart Family Nutrition is a brand you can trust in aiding you with your child’s development. Smart Family Nutrition has high-quality products full of the nutrients your child needs. With products for babies, kiddos, and even adults. They have something for everyone.

Studies have shown that both DHA and probiotic strains can aid in the child development process, helping you to raise a smarter child.

In this blog post we will take a closer look at Probiotics and how they can help your kiddos!

Well first, what are probiotics anyways?

Probiotics are a type of bacteria that are actually beneficial for our bodies. PROBIOTICS ARE THE GOOD GUYS! When probiotics enter our gut they help us to digest food, absorb nutrients, regulate our immune systems, improve brain function, and can even help with allergies and eczema!

TUMMY SMART Probiotics

The TUMMY SMART Sprinkle Packs and Soft Melts are great for kiddos who are always on the go. Each serving has 10 billion live cultures and helps your children have a healthy gut! With strains that include Bacillus coagulans, Bifidobacterium, and Lactobacillus your child is sure to have a healthier tummy when taken regularly.

HUDSON APPROVED!!! Hudson is absolutely loving his probiotics. He loves the taste and is actually excited to take them. We have been taking the probiotic every morning after brushing our teeth. He is literally asking to take his probiotics he loves them so much!

FULL DISCLAIMER: Hudson was having some pretty bad tummy issues a few weeks ago. I had to given him a children's liquid glycerin suppository. Lets just say he was not pleased. There was a good deal of kicking and screaming. Since starting the TUMMY SMART probiotic his digestive tract is completely back to normal and he is no longer in fear of having to use the bathroom!

Visit the Amazon Products page from my navigation for direct links to Smart Family Nutrition products that can be found on Amazon! Make the healthy choice for your family!

Stay tuned for the an upcoming post on DHA and why I have used it with both my boys!

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