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LEGOLAND: The Perfect Theme Park When Traveling With Kids Under the Age of 6!

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

It is no surprise that we are huge LEGOLAND fans! Hudson has been building with Lego since he was just two and Hayes at 1! The boys are both obsessed with building and using their own creativity to spark their own creations. Ever since our first LEGOLAND trip our family has been hooked! We visit the park at least twice a year!

The reason why LEGOLAND has always been one of our favorite vacation spots is because of how kid friendly the park is for little ones under the age of 6! We all know how difficult it can be traveling with non walkers or small toddlers. Knowing that there might not be as many activities for them to participate in may turn you off from the idea of visiting a theme park. I am here to tell you that LEGOLAND is a great choice for a reasonable priced theme park when traveling with small kiddos! There are so many rides that are available for all ages and the park has plenty of other activities for those who are not ready to ride rides.

LEGOLAND Offers Reserve N Ride which allows you to skip the long lines by booking your rides ahead of time. It does cost extra to have this feature on your tickets, but I promise you it is worth it. Hudson and I visited the park on January 2, 2020 and waited no more than 15 minutes for each ride with this feature! It is perfect for those of you who have little ones that aren't the best at waiting or for those who want to ride as many rides as possible during your stay!

  • Ride List updated May 2020

In October we had the opportunity to stay in both The LEGOLAND Hotel and the new Castle Hotel. The boys and their best friend Ameila had an absolute blast visiting both hotels. They loved them both so much they couldn't decide which was better.

The LEGOLAND main hotel is full of fun activities throughout your stay. When you walk into the hotel you are immediately greeted by the kindest staff and a friendly green dragon. As you check in the kids are able to play in a big pool of Lego blocks with a Lego Surfer Dude looking down on them. There is also a gigantic pirate ship in the lobby for kids to play, explore, and build inside. This area is usually where they have the dance parties! Great music, glow sticks, and all the best dance moves!

The Bricks Family Restaurant is also located inside this hotel. We had both breakfast and dinner here and the kids were beyond pleased. The buffet is all you can eat and has a wide range of delicious foods for the entire family. You will also get to meet and greet a few of your favorite Lego characters as they walk around the dinning area while you eat.

The rooms are completely decorated from head to toe making your child feel like they are a part of their own Lego movie. The room themes include: Ninjago, Pirate, LEGO Friends, Kingdom, and Adventure. We stayed in the Kingdom room which made us feel like royalty! The kids had their own separate area with bunkbeds, a pull out bed, and their very own tv. The main room had a king bed, tv, desk, and refrigerator. When you first walk into the room their is a little secret chest that can be unlocked by completing a hotel scavenger hunt. Inside your kiddos will find an awesome LEGO surprise!

The LEGOLAND Castle Hotel was another incredible experience. It opened in April 2018 and still has that new hotel feel. When you first walk in you immediately feel like you are in a castle. The hotel is decorated to perfection and gives children so much to interact with. The hotel lobby also has a big lego pool for kids to play in while adults check in. My favorite feature of this hotel is the outdoor activity area. There is a huge play structure for kids to play on, an outdoor movie theater, and a refreshing pool! The kids played for hours each night after the park closed on the play structure and even had the chance to watch some of their favorite LEGO shows under the stars. This hotel has three themed rooms including: Royal Princess, Magic Wizard, and Knights & Dragons. Each room has a LEGO building table and separate sleeping quarters with bunk beds for the kiddos. We were lucky enough to visit during Halloween and had the chance to experience a spooky version of the hotel which the kids loved! Visiting during the holidays always offers loads of excitement. The hotels usually have daily events for kids to participate in including costume contests, games, meet and greets, and more!

The best part at staying at any of the LEGOLAND Hotels is that all registered guests get free breakfast! Visit the LEGOLAND website to check out all of their current specials and book a trip for your family today! It will be a great opportunity to build memories you will never forget!


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