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KidKraft Costco Playhouse Makeover Weekend Project

Recently I had the great idea to buy a playhouse and immediately give it a makeover, all while we were working on another project (the boys under the stairs hideout). Needless to say Geordan and I kept super busy all weekend!

I knew I wanted to get a new playhouse for the boys, but wasn't sure which one. After a ton of research and being super indecisive I decided on the Costco KidKraft Country Vista Playhouse. What had me sold on this playhouse was the double door entrance, the large size, as well as the built in bench patio in the back. As soon as I placed the order I hit the hardware store to decide on paint colors! I decided on a BEHR Premium Plus Exterior Flat Ultra Pure White to use on most of the wood of the playhouse, Rust-Oleum Satin Lagoon for all the plastic, and a custom grey (matched to look like the Rust-Oleum Granite spray paint) for the roof.

The playhouse arrived on a Wednesday and I immediately got to work that Friday. I first took everything out of the box and began to paint the walls of the playhouse. The great thing about KidKraft is that most of their playhouses have EZ Kraft Assembly, meaning they take only a few hours to setup (this one took about 2 hours). After giving the playhouse it's first coat of BEHR Premium Plus Exterior Flat Ultra Pure White paint I moved on to spray painting all of the plastic using the Rust-Oleum Satin Lagoon. All together I used about 4 cans of spray paint for all of the plastic details. While waiting for the spray-paint to dry, I sanded the walls of the playhouse and gave it one final coat of white paint. The entire playhouse took exactly a gallon of paint. For the roof I first started to spray paint the wood and quickly learned that the wood just ate the paint up. After 4 cans of spray paint and almost losing my mind, I gave up and went back to Home Depot to get a custom exterior paint to match the spray paint. Painting the wood was so much more efficient than using spray paint!!! DON'T USE SPRAY PAINT FOR WOOD!! Painting it will honestly end up being way faster and look better in the long run! Plastic however...definitely use the spray paint!

Once everything was all painted and dried it was time to build. Having two people is a must when putting this playhouse together. Geordan and I quickly got to work and had it all built in about two hours. The directions were easy to follow and to be completely honest, putting it together was a breeze. We probably could have built it faster, but we were losing daylight fast and were determined to have it all put together for the boys the next morning.

Once the playhouse was complete it was time for my favorite part....DECORATING!!! While waiting for the playhouse to ship (which was literally two days, because Costco shipping was incredibly out Amazon), I visited a few stores to pick up some decor pieces. Everything that you see in the photos was either purchased at Target, Ross, Michaels, and Ikea! The Target Dollar Spot was a complete win for all of the Halloween decor pieces! I spent about $70 on the halloween signs, pumpkins, both the baskets you see in the front of the house, as well as the eyeball garland, fall recipe cards, Haunted House sign, pumpkin string lights, spider webs, spooky sign, pillows, and tic tac toe board. The other garlands you see in the photos were purchased from Michaels. Ross surprisingly had some great pieces as well. I picked up the doormat, halloween dog blanket, dish towels, felt bags, wicker baskets, and twinkle lights for all under $40! The metal hooks holding up the bags and recipe cards were purchased at Ikea (I had these lying around the house FOREVER and finally found a use for them..YAY!). The rug you see in the photos that I used for the flooring was one that I purchased from Kohls years ago and had lying around the house. We were considering buying the plastic pavers, but they were pretty we decided to just settle on a rug for now. I have linked a similar one here that can be purchased from Amazon.

All in all I can say that I am pretty pleased with the result! The hard work was worth it and the boys were so excited to have an upgraded playhouse! I love hanging out in the backyard with the boys playing kitchen or just cuddling up inside. The playhouse surprisingly fits the three of us comfortably! Now it time to start planning all of the Christmas decor!!! Probably going overboard with this one.......


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