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How to Save on Prescriptions

This post is sponsored by Optum Perks, but the content and opinions

expressed here are my own.

Let’s talk about prescriptions! We all know that the cost of medications can get pricey, especially without insurance or if your insurance doesn’t cover the medicine you need.

I recently discovered Optum Perks- a great way to save money on prescriptions all from one little app! Optum Perks offers free discounts on almost all FDA-approved medication! Just download the app and you can quickly search their database of discounted drug prices to find the medication you or your family member needs.

The best part is that you do not need to enter any personal information to get started. Simply just search for your medication, find a coupon, and present it when you pick up your prescription. The app is incredibly user friendly and easy to use!

There are a few prescriptions my immediate family uses. Hayes has cream for his eczema and I have Albuterol for my asthma. Looking up both of these medications on the Optum Perks app showed savings of up to $20 depending on if I chose the generic or name brand! Whether you have insurance or not the app is a great way to double check if you can save money using the app coupons rather than your own insurance. Even a little bit of savings goes a long way. More savings means more money to spend on outdoor adventures, beach days, hiking, family vacations, and fun experiences with the kids!

Download the app today to start saving!

The Mobile App is available on both Android and iOS by clicking here!

Search for your prescriptions and get your Optum Perks coupon to save!

**The Optum Perks coupons cannot be utilized in conjunction with your insurance

(Optum Perks App coupons can be redeemed at Drive-Through pharmacies or on Pick-Up orders)

If you have a great experience using Optum Perks be sure to leave a review in the app store!

Here’s to saving and staying healthy!





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