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Herobility...My HERO!

When Hayes was first born I absolutely struggled with feeding time. He was a month premature and spent a little over a week in the nicu. He wanted to eat, but would fall asleep so quickly on the bottle or he would just swallow so much air. He had terrible colic and I wasn't getting any sleep. I think in the first 2 months I actually discovered how the zombie apocalypse could start...moms getting no sleep and poor babes crying in pain from gas. I tried numerous bottles and nothing really seemed to ease his pain. We tried the Dr. Brown's brand, but every time I would heat up the milk in the bottle warmer the milk would conveniently explode leaving me an empty bottle, me stumbling around with eyes only half open, and a screaming baby at 3 am. A mother's dream!

Then, the sun finally came out of the fog and I found a brand that I could trust! HEROBILITY!

Herobility is a Swedish brand that uses innovative technology with all of their products. Their bottles are MADE TO HELP WITH COLIC! The nipples have a double anti colic system which blocks air and has a venting system. The nipples even close those little corners on each side of your babes mouth to prevent colic, gas, and spills. Not to mention they come full equipped with a mixing net to prevent powder lumps, wide opening making the bottles easy to clean, and an attachable storage compartment for formula or snacks! I am literally obsessing over these bottles!

Not only do they have bottles, but they also have sippy cups, the HeroTermos, storage containers, and pacifiers. The best part... everything comes in SUPER CUTE COLORS!!

Use code: Overthemoonmom20 for 20 percent off three or more products! The shipping is incredible fast and the products are reliable!



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