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Embrace the home theater experience with nostalgic movies from Universal

This post is sponsored By Universal All Access. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Our family looks forward to weekly movie nights! We love to cuddle up together on the couch with popcorn, refreshing beverages, and our favorite movie theater candies as we take a break from our busy schedules to spend time together as a family! Recently we decided to have a movie day with the kids! We started the day by watching a fun loving family movie...Trolls! Before watching the movie I made sure to create a fun at home theater experience. We had rainbow lights, comfy pillows, a rainbow banner, popcorn cups, and plenty of blankets!! Trolls has been a family favorite since we first watched it with Hudson 4 years ago and Hayes was hooked too the first time he saw it! The boys love to watch Poppy and Branch as they go on an adventure to save their troll community! I will be honest, they did not stay sitting for very long. They were dancing and jumping throughout the movie jamming out to all the amazing music!

Later that evening we had a few friends over to get nostalgic with a Universal classic...E.T.! Again I am going to be completely honest...E.T. terrified me as a child. I honestly don't even know why! I remember watching it once or twice as a kid and then never again. As soon as we decided to watch it as a group I was super excited! I wanted to see what 7 year old Christian was so scared about. As soon as our friends came over we claimed our spots on the couch snacks in hand and began to relieve our childhood with the kids watching E.T. I will say that I throughly enjoyed watching E.T. this time around. The storyline is really cute and warms your heart to see the characters build a relationship with their new extra terrestrial friend! The boys both enjoyed the movie and even asked to watch it again the next day! It was such a special experience to watch a movie from my childhood with my own children!

Visit your local #Walmart to purchase these DVDs today and relieve a few childhood memories!! Select DVDs will include an exclusive Universal Pictures cinch bag as a gift with purchase! Available at select Walmart stores and at!

Check out a few drink and snack ideas below to complete your at home movie night with Universal!

The Best Stories Are Universal!



*Colorful Banners

*Comfy Blankets + Pillows

*Pretend Movie Tickets (the boys

loved this idea, you can even hole

punch them for fun!)

*Move the couches and create a floor

full of pillows and blankets!

*I love to create a little

obstacle for the boys to go through

before making it to the movie viewing

area. **See video below for ideas!


*Fruit Punch

*Sunburst Iced Orange Juice: (Orange

juice, grenadine, sparking water, over

ice, and topped with fruit! YUM!!)


*Fruit Slushies (fruit, ice, and sparkling


*Popcorn *Carrots

*Applesauce packs! *Fruit Platter

*Ice Cream Cones *Cheese sticks

*Brownies *Cookies

*Pretzels (you can even dip them in

chocolate and let them dry for a sweet



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