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Elfbox: Buying Toys Just Got Better

Are you tired of buying toys just for your kiddos to become bored of them a few days later?Well then I am guessing you have't heard of Elfbox! I stumbled upon this company on instagram and became completely obsessed with their mission. Elfbox brings toys geared for your child's age and interests right to your doorstep. Your children have 1 month to enjoy the toys and see which are a good fit for them. You have the option of keeping all the toys, sending them all back, or keeping the ones you love and saying goodbye to the rest! Elfbox will only charge you for the toys that you keep after the 1 month trial. The best part....they offer a $29 discount if you decide to keep the entire box! If you decide to only buy one or two toys you will be given a $10 credit towards your purchase.

Hudson absolutely loved all of his toys! Everything we received was wooden and not your typical toys you would find at a toy store. He honestly spent over two hours just exploring and playing with each piece. He had so much fun building and using his imagination to create different designs. I love to spoil Hudson with toys...its definitely my weakness, but I will totally admit that there are times when I question why I spend money on something he will only play with for a few short days. This is not the case with Elfbox. Just knowing I have the option of sending anything back he doesn't play with gives me such a great piece of mind. The teacher in me was also amazed by these toys! They are great for child development and are timeless! Hudson's little brother Hayes will be just as excited as Hudson to play with all these wooden toys!

USE THE CODE ELFOTMM for 50% off your first months subscription! This would make a great gift for the holiday season!


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