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Eco Friendly Baby Products

Earth Day is right around the corner, April 22nd to be exact! Which means it's time to start thinking of ways we can help the planet and celebrate Earth Day! Now if you know me well enough, you know that I am all about environmentally friendly products and erasing our carbon footprint. So with that being said..let me introduce to you you can save the planet while supporting your babies needs!

I was first introduced to the Herobility brand when I had Hayes. He was suffering from serious colic and I wanted a bottle that helped to reduce this without leaks. I tried numerous other bottle brands and was super disappointed with how often the bottles would leak. Herobility was literally my hero! Their bottles are great for colic, wash easy, and come in an assortment of cute colors!

You can now purchase the HeroEcoBottle from the US website! This bottle is the World's first eco-friendly baby bottle made with glass and plant-based materials. It comes with a thick silicone sleeve that protects the bottle from cracking or breaking. It also gives baby a great grip when holding on their own. This bottle is fully equipped with a double anti-colic system that prevents air from entering babies tummy. I love the wide opening of this bottle, It makes cleaning so much easier! The HeroEcoBottle comes in 2 sizes and three really cute colors! Even better, for each bottle sold Herobility plants a tree to reduce their CO2 footprint! Hooray! Hayes has been absolutely loving his bottle and I am happy to be helping our planet!

Herobility also has the new HeroEcoPlate Divider and HeroEcoCutlery which makes feeding time a breeze! The lid is great for saving left overs and using when stacking in the fridge! The cutlery is great for little beginning eaters and it is also made from plant-based materials..corn!!! How cool is that!?

If you haven't done so already checkout Herobility by clicking the link below! I would love to hear what products are your favorite and what you would love to see more of!

Visit Herobility


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