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Hey! I’m Christian!

29• boy mom• teacher •traveler • dreamer

texas born • vegas raised

I have a passion for travel! My adventures have taken be all over the world and even brought me into motherhood! I love meeting new people, stepping out of my comfort zone, and experiencing everything our beautiful world has to offer! I live for new thrills!

When I’m not playing ghostbusters with my three year old or waking up every two hours to cater to my 5 month old, you can find me teaching second grade. I actually teach at my old elementary school! Best part is that my old school shirts still fit!

Follow me as I share my life with you and be as real, raw, and unfiltered as possible! Being a mom, juggling a social life, and having a career is not all butterflies and rainbows! I’m here to support you through it while sharing stories about motherhood, lofestyl, and travel!

Feel free to leave a comment + follow me on social media!


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