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Creating more time for family play time!

This post is sponsored by Bona but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Now that school is back in session the busy schedules have begun! Being both a mom and a teacher can be incredibly challenging when it comes to time management. I spend so much time at school with kids that are not my own and when I am finally home there is nothing more I want to do than play with my two favorite boys! Sometimes engaging in playtime means that the house is left a mess! There are dishes piled in the sink, a trail of crumbs on the floor, and an overflowing recycling bin.....but that is totally okay! The mess will still be there when playtime is through.

If there is anything I have learned from my's that there is always time for fun! Stopping to just wrestle on the floor, have a tickle fight, or even just a massive cuddle is the best remedy to any busy and chaotic day. It is truly amazing how such little humans can teach you so much about the world and yourself.

When we aren't spending our days building legos, playing kitchen, having light saber battles, or singing Baby Shark and Who Let The Dogs Out on repeat...we are cleaning..together as a family! I have to say I am pretty blessed. My kids love to make a mess...but they love cleaning together even more. Hayes more so than Hudson, but I will take what I can get!

Hayes loves to vacuum and sweep the floors. I am talking LOVES! He will literally fight me for our Bona Premium Microfiber Mop. He loves nothing more than to waddle around our downstairs and clean our hardwood floors until they are sparkling clean. The Bona Quick Clean System has been our go to for cleaning since we first moved into our home. We actually purchased it before we even had our floors installed! It comes with the premium microfiber mop, disposable wet cleaning pads, and disposable dry dusting pads! Not only is the Bona mop lightweight and portable, but it is also collapsible making storage a breeze!

Having hardwood floors is no walk in the park. Sure, they look incredible, but boy are they difficult to clean! Luckily the Bona Quick Clean System makes cleaning our floors a breeze. Literally, I almost find enjoyment in cleaning our floors. There is nothing more satisfying than sparkling floors and clean feet! The things us moms find enjoyment in! Now I have to share a few of my favorite features about the Bona Quick Clean System.

First, I love the fact that the Bona Microfiber Duster picks up all the crumbs, hair, and dust that is left all over our floors on a daily basis. I can sweep the entire downstairs in under five minutes with this dusting pad! It works wonders! After getting a quick sweep in, I use the Disposable Wet Cleaning Pads to get those sparkling clean floors I love so much! Foot prints, dirt, food, spilled juice...these cleaning pads can handle it all! The floors also dry incredibly fast and the cleaning solution on the pads leave zero streaks!!! YAY!! After about 5-10 minutes of cleaning the floors with the wet pads my job is complete! The floors are clean, I am happy, and it's right back to playtime fun!

What is your floor cleaning routine? How often do you clean your floors!

Be sure to check out the BONA website for more information on all their amazing cleaning products!


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