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Choose the Best Choose Organic

This post is sponsored by Earth's Best Organic®, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Breast milk is the first choice for infant’s growth and development but if and when you choose formula, you can feel good knowing there is an organic choice – Earth’s Best Organic®.

From the minute I found out that I was going to be a mom I knew that making the right choices for my family was a priority. I immediately started to research the best formulas and baby foods so that I would be fully prepared when my baby finally arrived. With the help of my mom we went deep into the web and discovered the importance of feeding your baby organic foods.

Why did we choose Organic?

Well, organic foods have no antibiotics, no added hormones, No GMOs, have reduced exposure to chemical pesticides, not to mention organic foods are more sustainable for the environment. It was an absolute no brainer, organic formula and organic baby foods were the way to go, but with all this talk about organic choices for my baby, I started to think about making organic choices for myself as well. While I was pregnant I decided to stick to an all…or mostly all organic diet. If I was going to choose to have my baby be organically fed, I needed to make that same choice for myself!

Fast forward four years and I am a mom of two boys. I made the choice to feed them both organically using Earth’s Best Organic® Dairy Formula. I chose Earth’s Best Organic® Dairy Formula because it is iron fortified for healthy development, it is milk based with no added corn syrup solids, 100% kosher, completely milk based from cows fed certified organic feed, and rich in Omega-3 DHA and Omega-6 fatty acids. It is also made to be more like breast milk and has a prebiotic fiber for immunity. With my youngest, Hayes, being a NICU baby I really wanted to ensure that his brain would develop properly and knowing that Earth’s Best Organic® formula is rich in DHA and ARA I felt at ease!

Earth’s Best Organic® Dairy Formula can be purchased at your local Walmart which is amazing for us considering we have Walmart right down the street from our home. Conveniently located in the baby section near the infant solid foods you will find a brand of formula you can trust for your baby. Even better….you can save some money by using the Shopkick offer that are currently going on at Walmart!

Make the right choice for your family. Choose organic. Choose Earth’s Best Organic®.

Healthy babies are happy babies and happy babies make for happy mamas!

To learn more about Earth’s Best Organic® Dairy Formula click on the photo below:

Visit Walmart to purchase Earth’s Best Organic® Dairy Infant Formula. Click here to access the ShopKick offer on your mobile device!!


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