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Channeling my Inner Spice Girls

Who had a karaoke machine growing up? I swear that was our most used toy as a kid. We loved bringing our machine with us to every family event and breaking out our greatest dance moves to N'SYNC and Brittany Spears. We seriously thought we were the coolest kids ever...down to our pleather matching suits and no I'm not kidding.

Hudson and Hayes both have birthdays coming up and I wanted to bring back the excitement I had growing up. Thanks to the Croove Brand karaoke machine from Amazon I am able to channel my inner Spice Girls and dance along with Hudson to his favorite jams. Currently we have had Everything is Awesome on repeat and I must say Hudson is quite the performer! Hayes..well he is just constantly trying to devouring the microphone.

Click the link below to check out the Croove Karaoke Machine on Amazon!

Croove Karaoke Machine


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