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Best Amazon Teethers for a Teething baby

T E E T H I N G!!!! AHHHHHH!! Just when you think you finally have your baby on a nice sleep schedule the teeth start coming in and you are left with one cranky baby...which of course leads to one cranky mama, which basically leads to a cranky household! Am I right or am I right?!

I am a strong believer in teethers! I think they are great to help soothe the pain of getting your first teeth and they are also a wonderful distraction from anything that baby has their eye on, including the vacuum. Hayes is...well energetic is the best way to put it. This kid has endless amounts of energy and wants anything and everything he isn't allowed to have! The other day Hayes was literally gnawing on my kneecap. Left marks and everything! The poor kid made it to his first birthday with one tooth. Now he is almost 14 months and is getting all his teeth in at once!

Lady.Ironside makes incredibly cute silicone teethers that are not only soothing on the gums, but are also completely photo worthy! Each pack of teethers comes with three silicone teethers, a vegan braided clip, and a cotton storage bag! These teethers are completely dishwasher safe, made of FDA-approved food-grade, silicone, and also freezer safe!

Made with multiple chewing textures that will massage, soothe, and relieve sore gums! We have been throwing ours in the freezer each night and giving them to Hayes throughout the day when he is in pain. He loves to sit in his high chair and just go to town on the cute little woodland creatures!

If you have a teething baby of your own or are looking for a great gift for a first birthday or baby shower click the link below! You can find these teethers on Amazon for less than $25 and they are already packaged super cute and ready to gift!

Use the code 10offMOON for 10 percent off!


Click here photos above to view the teethers on Amazon!


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